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We are always looking for corporate or organizational
partners and volunteers!



Training is tailored to meet the needs of our partners and participants and has been modified in consideration of COVID-19.

Using one-on-one or group video conferencing, and one-on-one phone coaching, participants will learn how to apply The 7 Keys, a universal framework for personal and professional development.


Through our approachable and relaxed coaching style we create safe spaces where participants are free to share, reflect, grow and dream.


Our programs cover the following skills training:


  • Personal narrative

  • Authentic confidence

  • Empowering beliefs, attitudes and behaviors

  • Trauma to resilience

  • Accountability

  • Centering

  • Mindfulness

  • Job interview preparation and delivery

  • Professional conduct

  • Collaborate for success

  • Certification Program for the 7 Keys Coaches


At the conclusion of our programs, participants walk away with relevant and meaningful outcomes, which include:

  • Knowledge and experience of their own value and resilience

  • Confidence in themselves and their capacity to succeed

  • Principles and practices for navigating life’s ups and downs

  • Ability deliver a successful job interview

  • Ability to conduct themselves professionally

  • A support network

  • 7 Keys Coaches Certification