Pathway to Kinship
1. Housing
Obstacles: Food & Shelter; No one will rent to them, They do not have employment, They do not have income, Yet they need a place to live
2. Jobs Skills - Training
These returning citizens need training to gain a career path that pays a true living wage. It will require a coalition of decency to change the way we see the formally incarcerated.
3. Employment
With a family of organizations, Pathway to Kinship has helped formerly incarcerated individuals have the skills and ongoing support to find work and excel in their personal and professional lives. Participants now enjoy careers with union representation and benefits.
pathway to kinship


Pathway To Kinship partners with re-entry programs across the country to provide the formerly incarcerated and their families with the skills for personal and professional development.

Pathway To Kinship has seen numerous training participants apply their skills to land careers in trade unions, as social workers with the formerly incarcerated, enroll in higher education, and more.

Across the U.S., over 10,000 men and women leave prison each week — and many have been locked up since they were teenagers. Now, 10, 15 or 20 years later, they are released with very little support, training or resources to be successful in life after prison. We are working to change that.



“I served 22 years in prison, and through The 7 Keys framework, Marc’s mentorship and positive role modeling I learned how to conduct myself like a professional and what it means to be a man of integrity.

Pathway To Kinship is helping me to successfully transition back into society. They genuinely care for the welfare of others.”

- Salim is a successful Pathway to Kinship Alumni, Now proudly working as a union Teamster

Sister Mary

“Marc Vahanian swiftly became an essential champion of our mission. His skills and experience as an executive coach have been an immense gift to our team and his passion for the people for whom we advocate is contagious. His professionalism has increased our team’s morale and productivity.”

- Sister Mary Hodges, Founder of PREP (Partnership for Re-Entry Program)


""I was released from prison after 22 years. With much optimism to join the workforce, I had to learn the basics of getting a job, so I attended a job readiness seminar for skills training. Following this seminar, I had my first job interview — which I aced due to the tips, interviewing do's and don'ts and dress-to-impress attitude I learned in the course. Since then, I have received advice and support me in my supervisory role. The lessons learned continue to lead me in the right direction.”

- Yjah, Pathway Job Readiness training, Now working and a proud home owner


“Through Pathway To Kinship, Mr. Vahanian has offered his volunteer time as a coach and mentor to numerous members who have been transitioning into society after incarceration, many of whom have been away for 20+ years. He brings a compassionate heart to this work, patience and tremendous skills that resonate with our community, making their transition come with ease and support.”

- Carlos, ARC Ride Home Program Manager


“Executive Coach Marc Vahanian is the gift that keeps on giving. His leadership training course for the youth served by our nonprofit organization, has been life-changing, and Marc’s wisdom, kindness, and generosity of spirit, leadership and warmth has had a far-reaching impact not only on the young people who participated in this course, but on those who have benefited as a result.”

- Amy, Director of POPS the Club


“Marc is a natural motivator who made us think outside the box and push beyond our comfort zone; he is a great coach who showed us how to work as a team and is a friend who “calls just to say hi.” I have personally benefitted from the sound wisdom and structured guidance I received through Pathway To Kinship.”

- Tony, PREP Director


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